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It is a myth that sufferers of OSA are all one body type. OSA and snoring is most common in men, but can also develop in children and women and in people of average weight, depending on the width of the throat, the shape of the face or width of the neck.


The typical profile, however, is:


Family history of OSA or snoring

Excess weight

Being 40 years old or older

Being male

Other symptoms can be:


Heart problems

Excessive sleepiness

Morning headaches

Poor memory

Depression and irritability

Gastroesophageal reflux

Frequent nocturnal urination

Heavy sweating at night

Raspy throat

General fatigue or listnessness

Relationship problems

The overall prevalence of apnea in men is about one in four. The prevalence of apnea in women lags behind that in men until after menopause when it increases to a similar level.

If you are suffering from fatigue then the cause could very well be undiagnosed apnea. The symptom of excessive sleepiness goes hand in hand with the fact that apnea sufferers are thought to lose sleep of at least a third of their time in bed, each and every night.

Many sufferers develop 'insomnia-like' tendencies (waking during the night and not being able to go back to sleep) because of the continuous negative stimuli towards sleep they receive due to repeated episodes of apnea interrupting sleep.

All sleep disorders cause poor mental and physical health the stress of which leads to poor relations with loved ones and inability to manage many facets of daily life.

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