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The SLEEP WELL CLINIC provides clincial support and testing services for people throughout New Zealand. The testing service is provided New Zealand-wide for people who would like to find out what might be happening when they are asleep and snoring.

Your sleep study results will be sent to you and a copy will be sent to your chosen medical practitioner, if requested.


How much will a Sleep study cost me?

The test costs $490.00 for our standard sleep apnoea monitoring and follow-up consultation, although there are different types of tests with differetn costs depending on what symptoms you report and what we might need to monitor to understand sleep. Any tests we do will be repeated free of charge if the data is technically unsatisfactory in any way (Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details).  

Sleep study costs may be reimbursed by your Health Insurer. So you may like to contact your insurer to find out if your individual policy covers costs of Sleep studies.There may added value in being able to perform the test in your own home at a date of your choice, without having to spend a night in a Sleep Laboratory, that can mean hidden cost in travel and time off from your employment.

We reserve the right to charge for the non-return of the sleep monitors within the agreed timeframe.

Will wearing the sensors stop me from getting to sleep? 

Not usually. The whole process is very easy to use and is the least obtrusive. This type of monitoring does not usually cause sleep disturbance, especially because you are able to sleep in your own home as you usually do.

How do I receive and return the monitor?

The monitor is couriered to a delivery address of your choosing, where someone will be available to receive the monitor. It is worn on a scheduled night during your nights sleep and then returned immediately the following morning, using the supplied prepaid courier bag to Sleep NZ.

Is there a delay in getting a monitor?

We pride ourselves on being able to conduct most sleep studies within the month of ordering.

Is it easy to attach the monitor?

Yes, extremely easy to use! The monitor comes with a few very simple written steps to follow. The monitor has it's own internal battery. You just put the sensors on as described in the instruction sheet included and go to sleep as usual. 

What will the Sleep study results  tell me and my practitioner?

The diagnosis will show three things: 

  • Whether you are experiencing apnea during your sleep
  • The level your blood oxygen is at during the apnea events

What do I do with the results when I get them?

We make every effort to provide clear treatment recommendations in your study report that are reflective of the level of Apnea seen and are based upon current best practice. We welcome you to contact us either by free phone or email to follow up the report if you would like to discuss it further. If you do not understand any of the terms used in the report then please contact us and we can help explain in plain language the results. SleepNZ also advises that your practitioner receive a copy of the results and advise speaking with your practitioner about the sleep study results.


How do I order an overnight Sleep study?

To order a Sleep study you can use the Contact Us page or better still give our clinical service providers at the SLEEP WELL CLINIC a call directly on 0800 22 75 33. If you e-mail us,  We will contact you to obtain your Date of Birth, Practitioners (GP) name & address (if you want them to receive a copy of the report), and any heart or lung history. This information will be kept strictly confidential and is for study reporting purposes only. We will you offer a night to do the study based on monitor availability.

Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to be clear of your rights and responsibilities when ordering a Sleep study.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this site is not intended as individual medical advice.
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