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Every night many of us stop breathing in our sleep and for some of us this can happen many times during a night.

Each time we stop breathing, known as an apnoea, and spelt apnea by our American friends, our body reactions usually awaken us but after sufficient health deterioration this condition can be an unrecognised killer. Most apnea victims have no memory of this all-night life-and-death struggle for breath.

Ask your doctor about Sleep ApnoeaStudies show that up to 10% percent of the population may suffer from sleep apnea, and that half of these cases are clinically significant. The number of doctor visits attributable to apnea is probably higher than what is recorded because apnea causes a wide range of other health problems.The full term for this condition is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and it is a common, yet serious, condition where the airway relaxes and blocks during sleep. This causes a decrease in blood oxygen and a build up of carbon dioxide, which finally alerts the body to awaken from it's deep sleep into a lighter sleep.

In a lighter sleep, the tongue and throat muscles tighten to open the airway and this causes needed oxygen to enter into the lungs, and usually with a snorting gasping breath.

The OSA victim usually immediately falls asleep again due to the body's natural drive for sleep and this is where the airway again fails and the cycle of apnea begins again, repeating over and over during the night.

Though the sufferer of OSA is not aware of it, this event can happen several hundred times during the night and when sleep is interrupted this many times, it has little value.

If this is your story, contact our supporting healthcare providers at the SLEEP WELL CLINIC about requesting a Sleep Study -and take the first step to regaining a healthy night's sleep.

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